FAQ: Any Questions?


1. What’s happening in my local area?

The AdaptWest Adaptation Plan provides an overview of how climate change will impact the western Adelaide region as well as particular impacts for some of our areas such as the Port River Estuary, our coastal area, our green spaces and West Lakes. See section 4 of the plan for details


2. I live in a flood zone – what can I do to protect my existing home from climate change?

See the flood mapping links below to assess your property’s risk:


Here are some things to consider to protect your home:


3. I am older/my parents are older. How can I help keep them safe as heat waves increase?

It’s important to prepare for heatwaves by making a plan for before, during and after a heatwave to help you and your loved ones, including pets, stay well.

Understand and be prepared for Extreme Heat conditions.

The Red Cross offers a support service during heatwaves. You can register yourself or a loved one to the Telecross REDi service to receive a call during a heatwave to check on your/their wellbeing. To find out more contact the Red Cross on 1800 188 071 or 8100 4510 or telecrossredi@redcross.org.au.

You can also stay out of the heat and be in a cool environment by visiting council community centres and libraries during heatwaves.


4. I’m planning a development that is located in a heat island/flood zone. Will I need to do anything additional before submitting my application?

See flood mapping links below to assess your property’s risk:

If your property is in a flood prone area contact your local council before your submit your application to discuss requirements.


5. Where can I go for more information about climate change in Adelaide?

See the Department for Environment and Water website and the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Loft Ranges website.


Changing for Climate Change